My Tutoring Experience with WyzAnt, Inc

Since I started tutoring for WyzAnt, Inc. last April 2010, my major goal was to help students achieve their academic goals. As long as the students are motivated to learn and apply what I was teaching, failure was never an option. My students started to not getting the grades they wanted, to going above and beyond to the point where I was amazed myself to see the change in their way of learning and demonstrating to me what they learned just in the first session that I taught the students. I can guarantee that you will know so much from me, in so many aspects of teaching and learning just in the first session. As a result, I decided to continue tutoring students as long as I can. WyzAnt, Inc. has been the best tutoring company I have every known, in which they can provide the students tutoring needs depending on the many areas in which the students live. I do not have any regrets working as an independent contractor for WyzAnt, Inc. But most importantly, I do not want any students to have any regrets when I tutor them, because my goal was to promote success to as many students as possible, because that is just my nature, and that is what makes me happy-to see my students flourish with all of the potentials they possess, and nothing should stop them, and nobody should.



Dr. Rhodora R.

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