Education or Business?

Funny how the education world has a lot of valid claims that business methods in education just “miss the mark.” Funny how business discredits education as a sound practice with such claims that education is “continuously so inefficient or ineffective.” Over the last ten years, I have heard statements like this. Generally, these statements are made when one of these entities is imposing itself on the other. Working for both, here is what I have seen.

Education is a business. The reality of new economies, imposed requirements, and an ever burgeoning budget system has exposed one of the greatest weaknesses education has – it does not run efficiently. In the last few years, we will hear about the greatest cuts we have ever seen in education. With that, education will be forced – much in the way business has been forced by a shrinking economy for hundreds of years – to evolve. So, unfortunately my dear education, if you do not embrace business principles in how you get things done, you will continue to struggle.

Thus, my dear business, you also need education to be effective. Well, in many ways, as I have learned, you are likely to use good human resource management, but that aspect will require how well you understand what people really want. And in that light, you will indeed need to embrace what education does well – human capital management. In fact, education does this so well, countries like Signapore which choose to invest in education, show a great economic turnaround due to that investment.

So, needless to say, in this new economy, we will find innovative ways to get things done better than ever before. My recommendation – use what works in both business and education, and we’ll be moving in the right direction. Looks like more than ever before, it is about balance and it will certainly be interesting to see how well these two partners work together into their own Venn diagram.


Ryan G.

Professional Coach with Your Needs in Mind

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