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Welcome to my world. It can be yours also by simply relaxing, working on your subjects and gaining pleasure from your new intellect that will literally pop up in the most interesting places. While in graduate school at MIT for Astronautics I studied multivariable statistical analysis for transonic air flow over surfaces. Years later, while in Political Science graduate school with the University of Oklahoma I encountered a new application for the matrices that we used in this course on transonic airflow. It was called Multivariable Statistical Analysis of Political Decisions. The technique, (a little like opening an oyster with a hand grenade), codified a political leader's past decisions on political issues to predict how he or she would decide on a current or future issue. It came complete with the establishment of a matrix by lines and columns describing past decisions, and then loading that matrix into a computer to check its value for predicting future decisions. The rows in the matrix were the individual decision equations and the columns were features that were common to all the decisions, (Or a zero if no impact). Amazing, a mathematical system for predicting the behavior of transonic airflow also had applications in the seemingly random and haphazard political world! The study of chaos suddenly became a science.

Certainly, there are few courses which you may take in life which apply only to that subject matter and you may never use them again. But, by and large, all knowledge has values beyond its original purpose. So pick your major with its core courses carefully, but also realize that courses which: were either part of the school's required curriculum; or were electives you took as fill-ins to get your minimum semester hours needed for your degree, will all have an intrinsic value to you. SOMEDAY, SOMEWAY, BITS AND PIECES OF THE KNOWLEDGE GAINED IN YOUR NON-CORE COURSES WILL BE USED IN YOUR CHOSEN PROFESSION OR IN YOUR PRIVATE LIFE. Cheers and Godspeed in your academic endeavors. Enjoy!


John S.

Process Oriented Tutor

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