Patience is really not that difficult if you keep your mind on the result

A child who has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can be looked at as a challenge. This is probably true in the classroom where the teacher has to be focused on the whole class and has limits on concentrating on one child's behavior and academic progress. This is where tutoring comes in. You have to kindly train and remind the child to focus and concentrate on the subject at hand. Slowly bring the child back when a distraction occurs and don't make a federal case about the disruption. Turn it into a game. Say today we are going to concentrate on doing the seat work for 2 minutes with 2 purposeful interruptions. Work on reducing the amount of distractions. Try to improve each time with the idea of using these strategies when she re-enters the classroom. Over time this should help the student cope with how he or she approaches the idea of staying focused and concentrating on the main purpose of school: to get a good education.



Francis D.

Special and Regular Educator Specializing in Patience and Success

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