A Special Time of Year

Tutoring is a special way of showing a person that you care for them as an individual. It is so frustrating in today's world where we are rushed and demands are relentless. It is nice to know that special people still take the time to look after and teach those who may just fall behind or just need a bit more guidance to get them to understand a concept that everyone else seems to understand. Tutoring is in high demand for one simple reason. Our world is more complicated. The family unit has fallen apart, to be successful you have to complete college, our world wide economy is unpredictable, and with the information overload, who or what can you trust. In one way or another everyone needs someone to be there on an individual basis to guide us towards giving us the right information to reach our goals. It takes a strong person to admit they have problems when their peers make fun of you when you can't keep up. A synonym for tutor is facilitator because that is what a tutor does. They are there to see that you are doing something correctly. They don't necessarily do it for you, but they leave clues, encourage, and prove to you that with a little confidence you can do it all by yourself.



Francis D.

Special and Regular Educator Specializing in Patience and Success

200+ hours
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