How to make the most of your ACT Test Prep sessions

You've reserved the exam date, you've made room in your schedule for ACT Test Prep tutoring and focused study, and you've arranged your first tutoring session. So that we make the most of our time together, here are a few tips for a successful tutoring experience.

Bring all the recommended materials to each session, including the Real ACT Prep manual, a permitted calculator, and a completed (timed) practice exam (from the manual), as well as a completed (timed) essay. If you have previous exam scores, either from a school practice exam or from an actual ACT exam, bring them along so we can establish a baseline and gauge your progress throughout the program. Following each session, review recommended ACT content, take online practice sets, complete another practice exam and essay, and review exam errors carefully, which is key to improving your scores. Feel free to submit your completed essay to me prior to our next session for a thorough critique.

Typically, our tutoring program consists of five 2-hour sessions during which time we cover all four subjects plus essay-writing. Students often ask, how many points can I gain in this length of time? As your tutor, I am your guide towards effective time management and study planning. I'll help you implement study strategies, improve your pacing, and address weak areas in ACT content. The rest is entirely up to you. I have no control over whether or not you follow through with the study plan, implement suggestions for improvement, or stay out late the night before the exam. In other words, your success on the exam really is in your hand. I will say that my history with students has shown that the more ACT study time a student has available between sessions, the more likely s/he will see a score increase.

To see how my students have fared on the ACT exam, please visit my profile page, which documents improvements in students' ACT scores from program start to finish. No matter if a student has scored high or low on a previous exam, or has come to the program with a high or low GPA -- each student has the potential to significantly improve an ACT score. It really boils down to the level of dedication each student brings to, or develops for, the task.

In my 15 years as a tutor, 9 of which have been in ACT Test Prep, I have been privileged to have met so many dedicated students, and am especially awed when students have dug deep inside themselves to find the courage and discipline they didn't know was there to make a difference in their futures. And make no mistake about it -- how you do on the ACT can set the tone for your life for many years to come. I encourage you to make the most of this experience. Whether you have a few months or a few weeks to prepare, make ACT Test Prep a part of your plan!



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