GED Exam Prep Tutoring - The Reward is in the Journey

I have been tutoring for over 12 years and have coached literally hundreds of students in diverse subjects. Even so, my most meaningful tutoring experience is the one I am enjoying right now, the first tutoring job I secured through WyzAnt.

It is my pleasure and good fortune to be tutoring five staff of a manufacturing firm in GED exam preparation. The company owner explained she wanted her staff to achieve their high school diplomas with the goal of enhanced productivity to the firm. However, upon meeting her and discussing a GED tutoring program, I found her to have a great heart for her staff. I sensed that she hoped to help them remove obstacles their circumstances had presented and empower them to achieve their dreams.

Each of my students has a unique and poignant story to tell. Four of the students are of the same family – a mother and her three sons, and the fifth a young single mom. They are among the most diligent, focused and goal-oriented students I have tutored, each with a distinct mission but all with a shared desire: to be a worthy example to their children. Their uplifting attitudes make tutoring such a positive experience and I am both honored and humbled to have been invited to share this remarkable journey with such endearing individuals.



Jana P.

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