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While traveling the country, Dickie saw a great need to help college students with job interviewing and public speaking skills. “I just saw too many people who didn’t express themselves well and it had nothing to do with how academically smart they were. Some bombed interviews; others did not advance up the corporate ladder because of poor public speaking skills,” states Dickie. College students and many older people go to interviews or business presentations totally ill-prepared to sell their VP, which stands for value proposition and not for very important people. In today’s economic climate, performing due diligence is crucial. The first task must be research. Job candidates, understandably, have become fearful, frustrated and fretful. They send out tons of resumes chaotically without having a strategic plan-of-action. Steven Greenberg, publisher of said: “The thing to avoid is thinking by sending out a ton of resumes, you’re looking for a job. You’re not.” Dickie couldn’t agree with Greenberg more.

Dickie is a former construction executive and the current CEO of DGS Consulting LLC. It specializes in job interview, business presentations and public speaking training. Before founding her company, she was Vice President of Diversity and Community Affairs for an international construction management firm in New York City. She participated in numerous business presentations and interviews where billion dollar projects were at stake. Under her leadership, the company awarded over 900 million dollars to small and ethnically-diverse businesses.

As the unemployment numbers kept going up Dickie felt compelled to act. She knew her company could develop a top-notch, how-to job interviewing product to help college students, and those who may be starting over after twenty years. The company launched ‘Yes You Can Still Find a Job: The Gold Standard of Job Interviewing” on audio CD late last year.

Since then the accolades have kept coming in, from political leaders looking for the latest and greatest job interview techniques for their constituency to project executives who haven’t interviewed in years. “Your job interviewing on audio CD covered every topic I can think of and has prepared me for a job interview,” said Frank Daniti, project executive. United States Congressman Gregory Meeks said, “When it comes to the power of words, Dickie is superior in her field.”

Dickie has lectured at colleges and bookstores. She has also been interviewed by 11Alive News, Blog Talk Radio and Clayton State University, profiled by Professional Women in Construction and featured in Genesis1 Magazine.

Nothing gives her more pleasure than hearing people talk about the confidence and motivation they have after listening to, acting upon and practicing the techniques on “Yes You Can.” Individuals who improve their communication skills gain confidence in almost every other area of their lives. “Every person’s life has a unique story,” said Dickie, “and our product helps them understand how they must tell that story to sell their unique skills and talent to a potential employer.”


Dickie S.

Learn to Tell Your Story to Sell Your Talent

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