AP Testing Next Week - Are you Ready?

AP testing happens all over the country next week. Are you prepared? Do you feel confident?

Hopefully, you have already taken a practice test or two and brushed up on those topics you had trouble with on the practice tests. Here are a few things to keep in mind as the countdown continues towards testing day:

3 Days before the Test:
Take a full-length, timed practice test. Use techniques and strategies you have practiced all year. DO NOT take a full-length test if you have less than three days before the actual test. You will exhaust yourself physically and mentally and it might negatively impact your score on the actual test.

2 Days before the Test:
Go over the results of the practice test. It's not about the score, it is about how you will get through each question faster and better on the actual test. It's about strategy and technique.

The Night Before the Test:
DO NOT STUDY. Put together items you will need for the test.
*A Watch (a real one, not the one on your phone)
*A few #2 pencils. Ones with dull points fill in the ovals better on the test.
*Photo ID Card
*Your admission ticket from ETS

Know where you are going, where to park, how long it takes to get there with traffic.

Relax the night before the test. Read a good book, watch a movie, relax. Get to bed early enough to get a good 6-8 hours of sleep.


Arrive confident and sure of yourself. Remember the test taking techniques and strategies you have practiced. Implement them. Breathe and don't panic!! Work on questions in the order and strategy that works best for you. Be aware of time when you are taking the test. It will all be over soon. :o)

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