GRE Preparation

Around this time students are preparing to take the GRE. The thought of the GRE makes many students break out in hives as they consider what the GRE means to their futures. But the GRE is not as intimidating as it seems. The new GRE is composed of three primary sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytic Writing. The verbal reasoning section tests your vocabulary, mainly. It looks at how you relate one word to another or a group of words to another group of words. To do well on this part of the exam, all you really need to do is broaden your vocabulary, become familiar with root words, and brush up on prefixes and suffixes. With those three steps, you can score well on the GRE verbal reasoning section.

The Quantitative section looks at how well you take fundamental math (arithmetic, geometry, and algebra) and apply it to somewhat complex questions. The questions, although, somewhat complex, can be broken down into component parts that can resemble fundamental math and data questions. To do well on this part of the exam, all you really need to do is focus on basic information such as: (1) the order of operations; (2) general algebraic and geometric formulas; (3) and how to read and interpret charts and graphs.

Finally, the Analytic Reasoning section evaluates how well you analyze written information and respond to it, in writing. Responding to these written passages in simply a matter of determining where you stand on the passage (for many passages ask whether you agree or disagree with statements, theories, or ideas) and why. If you remember FIBS (from a previous blog post), you should be able to develop a coherent, cogent, and concise essay that gets you a good score on the GRE’s analytic section.

Just remember – do not panic! You have, within you, all you need to do well on the GRE. If you feel you do not, then come to us – WyzAnt tutors and we will help you develop the skills you need to do well on the GRE.



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