Preparing for the Upcoming School Year

As the school year gets closer and closer, students tend to get do everything they can to forget about school and enjoy what is left of summer. While that is understandable, students should really be preparing for the school year. There are three primary things they can do to prepare for a good year: (1) get organized, (2) make sure you know what classes you are taking, and (3) read!

Getting organized is more about setting up your desk at home to help you maximize the efficiency of your study time. For example, get color coded folders, pens, pencils, etc. Make up a study schedule and place it above your desk. Figure out how you are going to tackle each subject (i.e., using note cards for improving English vocabulary).

Making sure you know what classes you are taking seems like a stupid suggestion but you don't know how many students I have come across you do not know what classes they are taking or what those classes entail. They just picked whatever sounded like the least amount of work. Get to know your classes so you can change them quickly if need be. If there is a class that requires you to do something that conflicts with another class, determine which class to drop and which to keep. If there is a class that requires you know something you don't DROP it!!!! Don't set yourself up for failure.

Finally, read! You should read at least three good books over the summer! This allows you to keep your brain in the learning mode, increase your vocabulary, and learn something new. You never know, what you read over the summer make actually prepare you for an upcoming class!

Don't let the summer go by without a thought to the upcoming school year. Three simple things, done during the summer, can help you prepare for a good and productive school year AND have a fun, restful summer!



Colleen L.

Professor for Writing including Theses and Dissertations

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