Keeping them entertained in the heat

A good sense of humor and spending time to get to know the children helps in all assignments as well as spending a lot of time preparing for lessons.. I have a variety of assignments this summer. They range from SAT and N.Y.S. Global History Regents to reading comprehension for middle and elementary students.

With the younger ones, it takes a variety of activities relating to the reading that helps keep them focused. I did a great project on The Diary of Anne Frank with two easily bored middle schoolers. The museum in Amsterdam has a great web site with 3D views of the hiding place that the kids used their laptops to view. We also viewed the recent BBC movie and writing assignments to bring the story and people alive. I got two decent essays from the children at the end of a month about WWII, Hitler and the plight of Jews during the Holocaust.

The test prep is harder because it requires effort to get the teens to develop the test taking skills for their exams. One girl who I started tutoring in January took the SAT in May and scored over 1800. She was so pleased that we just started again for the October exam. I have my fingers crossed for my Regents kids. I know they are better but they will need to focus this Thursday.



Regina O.

English/Social Studies Tutor for NYS Regents, GED, SAT, ACT and SHSAT

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