The Death of American Values

Much like the years prior to the fall of the Roman Empire, America too has fallen into the same downward spiral of self destruction. This is an article on how we can reverse this downward spiral.

When the first English settlement arrived on this continent there was an aurora of hope unlike any that had preceded it. Never before had an organization of trust between total strangers been arranged so eloquently. They wrote what is known by many historians as the Mayflower Compact. Little did they know the significance of its impact on America let alone the rest of the world. Of course it took over one hundred years for the results to be truly felt. Within its few short paragraphs a belief was displayed that had never before been seen in the history of the world. A belief of unity not under the leadership of one man or one woman, (monarchy) but a democracy; directly ruled by the people upon that boat. They almost attempted to form a theocracy, having a strong reliability on direction from God. This too was revolutionary to have it written so clearly.

These settlers survived against all odds. The winters were tough, disease widespread, little or no food, shelter or clean water for long period of times. But they were determined never to return to the totalitarian, monarchy of English rule. They would rather risk the change of dieing in this new wilderness than face the cruelty of religious intolerance. Also they knew that England would never again accept such treason. Remember they left without permission. The very start of our nation was radical, exciting and very unique. Most of Europe was still broken tribes with very little central government. The monarchs had little control over such widespread demographics. Structures like mountains, rivers, lakes, and densely wooded forests often separated fellow countrymen. So unity among beliefs was a foreign idea.

In the Americas a new ideal was born simply from some forty passengers and captain combining their wishes and views of rule of law in a binding contract. The contract was not only between themselves but before God. This to them ensured its success. Like the Magna Carta of 1215 it established written law. But unlike the Magna Carta all of it was successful with little or no dispute initially.

This trust resonated in the founding of the U.S. Constitution. It was quoted several times by John Locke, as well as Thomas Jefferson on the importance of civil liberties and religious intolerance. Our founding fathers knew that these liberties had to be preserved and never violated. Such freedoms as life, liberty and the pursuit of property. In the original writings or drafts happiness did not appear. Why? Because the founders clearly opposed the idea that the government would ever entertain such infringement of rights. Not one of them felt it necessary for any form of government to be established that would ever lead the people or take it upon itself to rule. On the contrary they believed that man should establish a written rule of law which establish set guidelines on how a government is to act. In the "Federalist" Jefferson warns the writers of the U.S. Constitution of how factious government can and will become tyrannical. If and when it does, it is the right and duty of the people to overthrow it.

I think we are in an age that the Federal government has granted itself the right to infringe on your rights through the violation of written law. There interpretation of the law is simple. "We have taken it upon ourselves as your elected official, to ignore your wishes, and establish what we feel to be in your best interest, without your input. You are just not intelligent enough to live a successful life without our holding your hand and providing a safety net."

For the most part the government grows at a slow pace allowing for change to gradually sink in and take effect. This has changed drastically over the past year. The Federal government sees itself fit to take charge of and tell us what we should and should not know. There goal is to falsely convince each citizen that the government is here to help them in there best interest. The fact of the matter it takes away the very essence of what the Mayflower Compact established, freedom!

What you can do is regain your rights to be free. Tell the Federal government that your rights are being violated. Do this how? Write your Congressman, and tell him/her that you are fed up with their recklessly abandoning and infringing upon your rights. If you cannot vote yet, then write letters to your Federal representatives voicing your opinion to be heard. Quote the Mayflower Compact to him and ask him to keep his sworn oath to upkeep and protect the U.S. Constitution and your rights.


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