Are linear equations and quadratic equations driving you crazy?

Hi math students! Are linear equations, systems of equations, quadratic equations and solving equations in general driving you crazy? Do you feel like you will never EVER understand how to do it? It is more intuitive than you realize. For instance, you solve equations every day! Have you ever been to the movies? If you and 3 friends go to the movies and you are paying for the tickets...and the tickets are $8 each, how much will you have to pay? yes---$32.00 You solved the equation!

Do you know that a great tutor can be essential in getting past your math issues. Don't struggle needlessly!. Get a great tutor, take the tutor's advice and open your mind to new ways of learning. You can master math. You need math---not just to survive the course, but it is the path to excellence. Get busy---you can do it!

One of the aspects that so many students neglect is to memorize your math facts. Yes, I mean addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts all the way through the twelves. Get yourself so well-versed in these facts that you can recite them quickly and accurately. You would be surprised how many points you are missing on your quizzes and tests just because you don't know some of these facts. Be tough and yourself and learn them!

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