Attention Adult Learners

Hello. To those of you who are desperately trying to pass or improve your scores on the ASVAB and/or the GED exam: You can improve and you can pass it.

You really can! You may say, "how is this possible"? I ask you this: have you done poorly in school and on tests in the past? You can really put those days of failure and frustration behind you. First you need to decide if doing better on the ASVAB or passing the GED is worth putting in some hard work. Success on those tests will open doors for you.

You can succeed! Are you willing to work hard? Can you spend a few hours a day working on reading, writing and math? The more "high quality time" you spend, the better your chances are. Before you groan and say "why do I have to practice?", I want you to think of it the way you think of one of your hobbies. Did you play sports, an instrument, dance, do a craft? If you did, you no doubt went to practice (not just the games).

Working hard to prepare for the tests is the same thing. For vocab, make flashcards; MEMORIZE! Shout them, sing them, read them, do whatever works. Math, get a tutor [preferably me ;-) ]. Write down the steps and procedures and formulas for different kinds of problems. These are like your roadmaps. DON'T leave home without them! Stay calm and practice, practice, practice.

My last ASVAB student followed my advice and went from a score of 23 to a score of 56. We met frequently, and she worked very hard when we were together and apart. So, if you are ready to work hard, email me and let's get you on the road to achievement!



Kate K.

Let's Work Together: You Can Succeed With the Right Tools and Tutor

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