Tips for Nervous Test Takers

Do you find yourself getting scared or freezing up just thinking about a test? Do you get so nervous preparing for a test that you feel like spinning your wheels? Do you feel overwhelmed because it seems like there is a huge mountain of material you do not know?

Let's approach it differently! One tactic you can take is to take a piece of paper out (or some index cards, your choice) and write down everything you can think of that you do know! Look at the chapter headings in your text, and write down what that triggers in your mind. Doing this will help you focus on the positive. You know more than you realize! And if you know nothing, remember, you can only improve!

Now: do you get really jittery during the test? I am sure you have been told to breathe deeply or slowly, and you say "I have tried that and it doesn't work". Well, here is an idea for you. If you are permitted to have 2 pens or pencils while taking your exam, hold one in your non-writing hand, and squeeze it when you feel nervous. Really focus ALL of that nervous energy into your hand. Do that for 30 seconds and release it. Keep doing that while you work, and the nervous tension will be reduced. It really will!

Remember this: your future is bright, you will learn what you need to learn, and you can do it!



Kate K.

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