End Your Math Battles

Are you at your wits' end when it comes to math homework? Has this been going on long enough? Guess what? I would love to help your child END their math frustration. So many students have had to struggle for a very long time with math. It gets intimidating. Pretty soon students look at their math homework, throw their hands up in despair and say "I can't do this" or "the teacher didn't show us how to do this" or "Math is SO stupid" or "I won't ever need this". Parents are often way beyond frustration.

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Oh, yes, I surely can help your child! I can state with certainty that no student really wants to fail or do poorly. No one wants to lose a race. I also know that parents really don't want to fight with their child. They just want their child to get busy and "take care of business".

Students who feel they can't "get it" often give up. When they have reached that point, self-esteem comes crashing down. It is heartbreaking to see your child go through this experience.

Math problems typically come from a foundation or structure problem. Every single math concept is built on and/or expands on a past concept. Difficulties with the current concept indicate a gap in past knowledge. Struggle and fight no more...let me help your student! I can help them succeed and learn. They will need math in so many aspects of life. You don't have to prove that to them. Their own success through my guidance will help them discover that for themselves. My students DO learn how to succeed! Know it! Believe it! Try it! Contact me through WyzAnt and I can help your child! End the battle for their sake and yours!

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