Why I decided to become a tutor, and why you should, too

There are many reasons that teachers and tutors give for teaching. Typical reasons include the joy of seeing students learn. While this is certainly the case for me as well, an even more important reason to me was to help students see that they are WAY more capable than teachers and peers have told them. I believe that failure in school is much more complicated than "I am smart" or "I am dumb". Repeated failure and frustration convinces students that they are stupid. This belief imprisons them. I tutor and teach to empower students. Every step of the way I show them HOW to learn. We calmly discuss, back-and-forth, how to approach the problem or subject. By going through this exercise, the student begins to see proof that his/her new approach empowers them and makes excellence possible.

I see tutoring as a golden opportunity to start your own little school---and help students learn the material (of course), but learn also how to play to their own strengths even in subjects they may be weak in. You see, as little children (pre-school age) every child is curious and eager. By restoring students to this eagerness, they see that they are highly capable. It undoes some of the damage that so many schools and peers have brought on students that aren't succeeding. My students do succeed---because I show them how they have it within themselves to succeed, and arming them with strategies. I have to tell you, each time a student reaches that level, it is like launching a rocket to the moon. Thrilling, overwhelming, rewarding, and far-reaching. Oh, don't hesitate! Help people that feel like failures feel like winners. The world becomes a bit brighter with each new star, doesn't it?

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