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Math has become a problem for so many students. Parents are frequently at a loss as to how to help their child in math, as well. Why is math so difficult and scary for so many students?

Is it because math is inherently more difficult than English and History? Is it because some people "just can't understand math"? Is it the teacher's fault? No to all of these, of course.

As my mom has always told me when I had difficulty with a subject and told her I couldn't learn that subject; "It's the same muscle, the same brain. If you can succeed in one area, you can learn to succeed in another." You need to find the right tool for the job, just as a carpenter would do!

So, let's look at where your struggle is. If you are struggling with solving for an unknown in an equation, and it looks like weird mystical magic, you must look at the concept behind it. Where does it begin? Do you remember memorizing your addition and subtraction facts? Your multiplication and division facts? Yes, that is what is behind solving for unknowns. In math it is important when problem solving to figure out what you DO know in the problem. Lay those out on your sketch or in your formula. Sometimes this helps you make that leap and see what to do next.

Before you leap, though, be sure to carefully look at what you are trying to determine. Don't panic, you can figure it out! If you do not know which method to use to solve the problem at this point, review the concepts. Can you see it now?

Math can actually be fun! Getting each concept gets you to the next level, like in a video game. It all builds and is all related. I would love to tutor you so you can reach each level. As one of my students says "Wow, I am a smarticus after all!". Yes you are!

It isn't too late. You can learn how to be superb at math! What are your thoughts about building your math levels concept by concept?



Kate K.

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