Tame the Math Monster

As I said in my previous post, math has become a problem for so many students. Parents are frequently at a loss as to how to help their child in math (or pre-algebra, algebra, or ASVAB) as well. Why is math so difficult and scary for so many students? Is it because math is inherently more difficult than English and History? Is it because you "just can't understand or learn math"? Are pre-algebra and algebra too hard to learn? Is it the teacher's fault you haven't been able to comprehend math? If you are trying to get ready for your ASVAB is it too late to learn math? The answer to all of these, of course, is a resounding "no"!

You just need to find the right tool for the job. After all, a master carpenter would never succeed if he tried to cut a board with a hammer instead of a saw. The right study skills and right tutoring session can help you succeed. You really can become successful in math, pre-algebra, algebra, study skills and test taking! Would you like me to help you develop into a high achiever? You do not need to feel like a failure; you actually were built for success!

Math can actually be fun. As I said yesterday, understanding each concept gets you to the next level, like levels in a video game; it is all related. If you are struggling, I would love to tutor you so that you can reach the top level! Don't live in fear of the Math Monster. You can tame that monster--make math your friend! I do not believe math is beyond your abilities. Look at all that you learned in your first few years of life! You learned to communicate by learning an entire language, you learned to walk, feed yourself, and learned your role in life. So if you learned all of that, I can teach you how to learn math.

Let's get started!

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