So you want to join the Armed Forces ...

Here is some blogging advice from a veteran. First, I went in as an officer from college, it was a Maritime Academy, a military school. It was the Navy, and I wound up on the U.S.S. Saratoga, working with HUEY helicopters that were originally Marine equipment, long story. Both my sons went into the Army, the other still in the Marines. Both spent time in Iraq, I had a bit of Vietnam, not much really. Veterans always get asked is the classic question, "Did you ever kill anybody?" First, the military IS SPECIFICALLY in that business! Most vets do find that question particularly annoying. The ASVAB is the multiple choice type test. It is kind of like an IQ test, the test measures math skills, mechanical aptitude and the likes, for persons to go into the RANKS, not officer status. It is always better to invest a little effort and study up for that test, just to know what is coming, not really to CRAM at the last minute. You can get information from any public library, most bookstores in malls, and of course ONLINE with the internet. Just GOOGLE, or use WIKIPEDIA. Do it because it means the difference between infantry, and medical corp, or between tanks and helicopters or even aircrafts. So you say why, military is just brute force really, and in BOOTCAMP that is mostly what it is. But after "BOOT", the military sends you to schools, and that is where the benefits of a little work can make a big difference. Let's just say, you join to leave home, see the world and learn something. Well, getting the military to teach you something, gets you into the working world back home. That surely is strong enough motivation for even me at 57, even as an officer in college, it is exactly the path I followed. Get something for your deeds, and I always say "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE".




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