Mathematic Websites

I thought I would spend a little bit of time sharing some good educational websites I have found. Listed below are some math sites I have found useful with my second and third grade students. The challenging thing about mathematics practice with young children is it is hard sometimes for students to get quality math practice without a knowledgeable adult looking over his or her shoulder making sure it is correct all the time. These sites give children the opportunity to practice various areas of math without the need of an adult constantly checking to see if it is correct!

This site helps students better understand 2D and 3D shapes:

This is a site to practice doing math facts fast. You set the time and the highest number you want and the time limit and the child can race to complete the facts!

This site helps with money. Money can be an extremely difficult subject. This site helps children count money and the computer will determine if the answer is correct:

This website uses a pizza analogy to help kids better understand fractions:


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