Connecting lessons to interests

Just a reminder -- try to connect the lessons to the subjects in which your student is interested.  While "Harry Potter" is fascinating for a lot of readers, if you don't like fiction, it's not for you. Ditto with cooking, or baseball. It's interesting if you're interested in it, but not if you aren't. Too often, we can get into teaching ruts, but find a way to put what interests your student into his (or her) lessons, and you get a much better response! I've spent time learning about reptiles (and you get great Cool Girl Cred if you can discuss the habits of the Komodo Dragon without shuddering with a reptile-mad second grader), catapults, and how to make cornstarch slime over the years. I've even played Princesses of Reading with a first grade girl - we got to wear plastic tiaras, rings and necklaces for completing each task. Sure, I looked silly, but that was part of the fun.

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