Study Skills and Self-Sufficiency

Most businesses want repeat customers. For me, the tutoring business is a bit different. While yes, customer loyalty is great and I always appreciate referrals, one of my main goals is for students to no longer need me. Granted there have been very few students whom I have only met with once (this has always been just before a final exam or big test), and we almost always meet on a regular basis throughout the course or semester. Many students will return for a new course the next semester, while for others meeting regularly helps them stay current on their assignments or boosts confidence. I can't be there to help my students on their tests, so our goal is always to learn the content and skills so that they can then ace the test and assignments on their own. When needed, I help by answering questions, designing more challenging problems, and helping the student generate a better or deeper understanding often through looking at the concept from a different approach.

Nevertheless, while ultimately my goal is for my students to become self-sufficient and master the material and study skills to progress without me, I still believe that we can always learn more and continue to grow and improve as students.

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