My Experience with Teaching and Tutoring

I served as a special needs teacher and tutor for over 30 years, and preferred working with students at the elementary level - because I had the greatest impact on them. I particularly enjoyed much success with students ( special needs and regular grades K-6 ) who had difficulty learning to read OR were reading below their grade level. I administered a variety of diagnostic tests - to determine their functional levels and their learner characteristics. Once I determined if they were visual or auditory learners, I knew the appropriate strategies to implement : to individualize instruction. Two students at North Beach Elem made 3 years of progress in reading - in less than 1 year, and went from an LD class to the regular class. Many other students over the years made much progress - some who were nonreaders (in 2nd grade) made two years of progress in 1 year,too. I loved to teach phonics, grammar, writing, but also taught math to the students in self-contained classes. I taught many students over a large period ( 30 years) and served as a tutor for a few years. Since I relocated from Miami to Sarasota, I am seeking new students to tutor.

Prior to any teaching, however, diagnostic tests were always performed.... which I still have at home. I also have many resources to teach phonics, and access to many websites for other skills. I have many letters of recommendation... from former Principals as well as students' parents!


Subjects I can tutor: Reading, Spelling, Handwriting, Composition, Grammar, English, Mathematics, and ESOL - preferably at the Preschool through Gr.5 level. I can tutor students with ADD/ADHD, LD, Autism, Aspergers, EMH, TMH, PMH and others.


Adrienne C.

Experienced,Certified,Special Needs Tutor (K-5)

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