...Such a math junkie!

I went to Grinnell and, though I wasn't the best math student there, I loved math classes.  So I decided to get back into math the best way I could--tutoring.  After the entrance exam, I definitely felt the stress of Calculus and just how difficult it was.  But after a few tutoring sessions, I quickly started to get back into the swing of things.  I started to study on my own.  I started to love doing Calculus again.  In fact, I feel like I'm better at math now than I was at Grinnell.  I focused more.  It's become natural to me again.  I haven't loved math this much since I stopped competing in high school.  (Those Wallace Community College math competitions were all I had left after MathCounts.)  I think tutoring has brought me back to school--in a good way.  I love it!


DeJuan S.

Science major, Math fanatic, Athlete

50+ hours
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