Hello again WyzAnt community!

I've just returned from a hot summer in Ft. Knox, Kentucky where I participated in the Army's Leader's Training Course. It was somewhat difficult, but I do feel that I've had an excellent chance to practice my leadership skills there and that it wasn't altogether a waste of time. Fortunately, I am now on track to becoming an officer in the US Army and will commission this upcoming summer.

Additionally, I am back in graduate school at Drexel (not sure if I even mentioned this on my blog and am too lazy to check) and am going for my Ph.D in physics with a concentration in Biophyics. I've got Ph.D qualifier tests to take at the beginning of September which I am somewhat nervous about. The rest of my summer will be devoted to studying for these tests...

...and taking on any new clients who might need my services. I'm going to have a very light schedule this year as I will still have my own classes to deal with, so I am looking to sign up with a maximum of three clients for this upcoming summer and school year. So let me know if you need my services!


Karsten C.

Ivy League Math & Science & SAT Tutor

1000+ hours
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