Guess who's back?

Hello again everyone!

After a solid summer of tutoring I'm ready for...more tutoring! Calling all potential clients - my schedule is filling up fast and anyone who wants to lock down a slot better let me know ASAP! Here's what's new with me :

I'm happy to report that I just got engaged to my girlfriend! Woohoo! It's a shame that she lives in Canada and that it'll be a long engagement, but no worries and hooray for commitment!

I'm going to grad school around the 19th of September. This is going to take a LOT of my time and severely limit my driving time and so I might have to turn down some students or curtail my availability as necessary. Sadly, my studies are going to take precedence these days, but fortunately for you all, the classes will make me a better teacher!

With grad school comes the Army ROTC program and I'm finally going to begin taking the necessary steps to becoming an Army officer. I look forward to the journey, despite the hardship it's going to put on me over the next few years. I hope that the leadership skills that I learn will help me inspire and motivate my students and make me a better tutor overall.

But besides that, I'm ready to get back on with the tuition. I hope everyone's had a fantastic, restful (and simultaneously productive) summer! I'll try and update this blog regularly, but who am I kidding? That's not happening ;)


Karsten C.

Ivy League Math & Science & SAT Tutor

1000+ hours
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