Oh goodness

I am getting tired! Haha, a few more days and I will pass the quarter century mark. It's all downhill from there, right? Ah well...

At least my students are keeping me energized. I'm really pumped by everyone's progress this year. I am seeing solid work on every front and my students are putting in plenty of effort on their part. I really enjoy working with each and every one and am grateful at how cooperative they all are.

Finals season approaches and I will have to say goodbye to a college student, though. A shame that she is not pursuing mathematics! She has the mind for it! That's one thing I think we need to see more of - girls in advanced math classes. Back in my day, the ratio of guys to girls in physics and calculus was atrocious. I would technically be undefined as there were no girls in either. But I am currently working with so many girls who have extremely high potential to be math superstars. I think they just need a shade of extra attention and a little nudge in the confidence department to put them on the road to math and science success.

The United States is a declining superpower. Why? Because of Jersey Shore, reality TV, smartphones and shows about singing and dancing. It is your patriotic duty to learn as much math and science as possible. I've had enough of hearing that China or India are going to surpass us because of their superior educations in those departments. I am ten times more disgusted with the teachers of some of my students and their laziness in not checking homework. Math and science needs to be practiced. A lot. We're going to get this country back on track! Let's do some problems, people!



Karsten C.

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