Victory is Merely a Prelude to the Next Battle

Sometimes tutoring inquiries can be frustrating! I've gotten a bunch of inquiries followed by no responses to e-mails. I have no idea what's going on. Also, I think another tutoring agency stole one of my potential students and lied to me about it! Ugh, frustrations.

Anyway, my students are doing well and I am pleased. I don't have as many students as I would like right now, but that's alright. They'll come when they come.

In other news, I might be gone this Saturday to Willow Grove Naval Air Base to do a pool event for OCS potentials. That will be fun (read: back breaking and embarrassing.)


Since you do ASVAB, have you gone to the local high school counselors and military recruiters to give them your name? I know what you mean about posting for tutoring jobs and then hearing NOTHING. You don't know whether or not the person looking for a tutor really received your email, you don't know if they are just thinking about it, or if they picked someone else. I am not sure what can be done about it either. I hope you are getting a lot of business. Best of luck to you in your tutoring.
Actually, I haven't talked to any recruiters about that. I wish I had the time, but I think that they'd probably expect me to volunteer my time. I do indeed want to volunteer to help recruits, but I'm just way too busy right now! Hahaha, I nag them! I keep sending emails/calling until they have the courtesy to let me know! Actually, a few have been responding after I send a single follow-up. I don't mind when they find other tutors, I just really wish they'd let me know! I am getting quite a bit of business! I am almost totally full! I will see if I can somehow find your blog if you have one, Kate.


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