Zeal and Fury are Rewarded with Victory

I'm glad that my first post here is a success story. After many, many, many hours of tutoring sessions, Utpal has finally achieved his goal. As a hopeful Marine Officer candidate, this success story really hits home for me. Actually, he finished the tutoring a long time ago, before the New Year. I was so happy when he texted me to tell me that he got above the necessary AFQT score for the ASVAB. Utpal is so committed and devoted to service with the U.S. really was an honor helping to get him there. Even better was talking to him on the phone while he was at MEPS in New York and convincing him to become a Tanker. Attention students: MOS counseling is not included in the standard tutoring package. ;)

Anyways, just a few days ago, I get a text from Utpal saying that he finally signed his contract and is now a part of the big U.S. Army family. Silly Utpal - thinking he's already a Specialist. Little does he know that he's just a private right now... I should've let him keep thinking he was a Specialist so he could correct the Drill Sergeant at basic...that would've been quite funny! Anyways, congratulations to Utpal on this achievement. Utpal was a fantastic student, always doing every iota of homework I created and more that he could find online. I really couldn't ask for a more dedicated student and I daresay that he sets the high standard for my future students!

Alas, I currently only have one WyzAnt student now. Speaking of good students, Maddy is one of them. What a trooper she is...and ridiculously bright to boot. With her academic, athletic and musical talent combined, she's got quite the package and is earmarked for the Ivies. I'm looking forward to working some magic with that one...just got to remember not to push too hard. Sixth graders definitely need to enjoy life, just as much as the rest of us.

Oh well. I'm stuck in Ohio now on extended vacation due to horrible weather. I love the place, but one can live on savings only so long. To everyone, I hope you had a happy holiday season and a fantastic New Years. Here's hoping for some peace on Earth this year...


Hey--if you want to tutor in OH while you are there, I believe WyzAnt will let you temporarily change your profile zip code so you can tutor students where you are now. Log in and click on "find a student" and enter the zip code you are staying in. It will bring up a list of students that need help in that locale. If there are any you are interested in, check with WyzAnt about temporarily changing your zip so you can tutor them there! Just a thought! Where in OH are you? I lived in the Columbus area for a number of years.
Hello Kate K.! That's a good idea...I never even considered it actually. We're actually quite a ways out of Columbus...we're along the Lake. Right next to the border of PA. It's a quaint little town. Funny you should mention this as I just saw a guy tutoring someone in the library while I was there. He was an epically bearded chap. I'd like to challenge him to a tutor-off.


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