Korean Girl Studies English

Last Monday, one of my most pleasurable tutoring experiences came to an end--my 8-year old student returned with her mother to their home in Korea. For part of July and entire month of August we met in a public library three times a week for 1.5-hour sessions. Her mother wanted to concentrate on writing, public speaking, spelling, and American/English expressions, sayings, and idioms.

A typical session would include these core elements: she would read aloud a story she had written, and we would critique it for organization and grammar; she would present a talk about a story she had read from "The Children's Bible," and we would critique it for organization and body language; she would explain the meanings of three-to-nine assigned expressions, and I would explain their origins and common usage.

Her mother felt that understanding the dominant religion in a country was important to understanding the culture and values shared by most people in that country. Their language would reflect that culture, so she chose "The Children's Bible" as her daughter's textbook to practice public speaking.

The girl is an excellent student. She is enthusiastic, smart, diligent and responsible. What more could a tutor want?! She loves to learn, and we had lots of fun doing it. We often varied the basic lesson format to keep things interesting. For example, we used a few nursery rhymes to help teach English, played charades to teach body language communications, and studied anagrams, palindromes, heteronyms, malapropisms, and puns to teach vocabulary and spelling.

Give me more students like her--she's great!


Glenn L.

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