Spanish and Chinesse will be the most demanded languages after English in 5 years.

If I would invest my time and my money learning a new language today and I had not being native Spanish speaker, Spanish would be my first choice and Chinese my second option. This is because 1 out of 5 children at the Elementary School in United States, is Hispanic or of Hispanic origin. Another fact is that the bigger minority in United States is Hispanic population, at the point that in some cities Hispanic population reach the 90 %. Latin America is very close to United States and could be a very good asset to manage the language of Miguel de Cervantes and Garcia Marquez, in order to compete in the already tough job market.

Why Chinese? Well the most important trading partner of United States is without doubt or hesitation, China. There is no way, at sight that America could pay the debt contracted with the Popular Republic of China, then the selection is obvious. Even the small population of Asian origin in United States, 25% of the Harvard students, are of Asian origin. Besides China is the second most populated country in the world.

Said the above, is very important when you decide to learn a new language, start handling it as a native speaker, with the guidance of a native speaker, experienced and well trained in the sensitive task of teaching.

Asi es que te invito a que empieces a aprender mi idioma, AHORA!!! So, I invite you to learn my language, NOW!!!



Luis C.

Native Spanish Speaking Tutor from Basic to College Level

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