Tis the Season of Giving

My professional background encompasses classroom teaching, graduate school, curriculum review, and now as a one-on-one tutor in reading, writing, and math. Working one-on-one diligently with a student is a very rewarding undertaking. Observing a student progress from a struggling reader, to one who is capable and thriving, is what makes tutoring so enjoyable, and more importantly, a worthwhile profession.

Each student learns in his own unique way, and it is crucial to design their lesson plans accordingly. A "one size fits all" approach that the student may receive in a group school setting, is the antithesis of what individual tutoring is all about.

In this season of giving, I feel it is appropriate to note that although we give to our students in the lesson plans we provide, the materials we use, and our undivided attention, it is we as tutors who are given so much. Seeing a student's face light up when they say, "Oh, now I get it!" is a moment we as educators strive for and enjoy greatly.

I believe there is no greater profession than being an educator. Making a positive difference in a student's life, guiding them on the road to success reaps many rewards. I love my role as a tutor, and plan to continue being in this role for many years to come.


Ellen R.

Tutor - K-grade 5: Reading, Writing, Math

50+ hours
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