Aromatherapy for ADD and ADHD

As a professional aromatherapist, I have been able to put my knowledge to good use during tutoring sessions, since many of my students have either ADD or ADHD. During a tutoring session, certain essential oils can be diffused to help the student focus better, have greater clarity, increase attention span, improve self confidence, soothe emotional upset and anger, and help calm and ground.

There are over 100 essential oils in my "arsenal", from which a student can choose a couple of favorites from my recommended list. For example, if they feel unfocused, they may choose rosemary, peppermint or orange; if they need calming they can try lavender or ylang ylang, to name a few.

My use of essential oils isn’t limited to ADD and ADHD. Sometimes a student is just plain tired, has a headache or a sinus infection, all of which respond well to peppermint, lavender or bergamot, respectively.

* All of my essential oils are from reputable dealers and are of high quality.

* Essential oils are never used without a parent’s consent.

Whether or not your child has ADD or ADHD, the learning environment can be greatly enhanced with the dispersal of essential oils. With proper instruction, parents can try it at home for their kids or themselves!



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