An Experience To Never Forget

During my studies at Arizona State University, I was in a class that was led by a graduate student from China who did not speak English very fluently and the communication barrier created a very large problem for the majority of students. I could see that this was becoming a major issue for both the instructor and the students. She was getting frustrated and attendance was declining at a rapid rate.

The class was a core class for my major and any student within our major needed to take it in order to graduate. I approached her and asked if there was anything I could offer to help. She gladly accepted my help. I always sat at the front of class and I noticed her visual cues if she was struggling explaining a concept to the class and I would get up and offer to explain the theory. I explained statistical theories, developing surveys, gathering data, writing essays, researching, and many other theories in front of the class. After class, many of the students would approach me to exchange email and phone information so we could work together so I could help them with their research papers and other homework.

They commended me for helping to explain complicated theories in an easier way and comparing them to everyday life. I helped them learn how to develop related research topics, collect research data, met with them in the library, exchanged emails, and most importantly, I saw how the students I worked with went from being frustrated and ready to drop the class, develop into hard-working “A” students.

The instructor had also asked for my help after class to help her understand how to reach the students more efficiently. I helped her review homework, develop more efficient lessons plans, as well as discuss the work I was doing with some of the students in the class. During this experience, I was pleased to help the students and the instructor. It was an experience that made me want to become a professor some day. I loved the feeling of helping those students and I know that they felt proud of themselves.


Kendall T.

Helping Students Succeed With Individual Attention

50+ hours
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