Gearing up to Learn!

Hello and welcome to my Blog page. As I jump into tutoring, I hope to fill this page with helpful tips and techniques that I pick up along the way. For example, a great way to study English is to read. The more a person reads, the more vocabulary, grammar, structure, etc. is picked up and translated into their own writing. Even if it is a small article each day, reading motivates the mind. This daily routine is especially important to English learners (ESL). Academic writings, such as articles, should be considered as a first choice in English aid. History and historical perspectives are also great teachers. To get inspired, watch a documentary online, write your own historical interpretation of a recent event, or be a news reporter for a day.

For information on my endorsements and work experiences, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your consideration!


Kimberly C.

M.A., University Instructor: ESL/ESOL, Eng, History, and More

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