Studying Tips!

So I'm sure we all want to EXCEL in school! Who doesn't??? Well how can you do that?

Here are a few tips!

1.) TAKE GOOD NOTES IN CLASS. When in class, be very engaged in the topic being discussed. That may require taking extra notes, side points your teacher/professor make. It most definitely includes asking questions! No question is dumb question. Don't move on unless you are clear. If needed, get help outside of class.

2.) GO OVER NOTES THE SAME DAY. After you finish class, go home and review your notes. Make sure you understand them all and write down any questions you have for your teacher/professor.

3.) GO OVER YOUR NOTES WEEKLY AS WELL. The more you review your notes the better you will be at remembering the concepts.

4.) MAKE A STUDY SCHEDULE. This is very helpful, especially if you have a test coming up! You can delegate the amount of time needed and you will also hold yourself accountable for studying.

5.) STUDY WITH GROUP. This is more reinforcement! You will not only better understand the material, but you will be helping someone else!

These are just a few minor things to do when studying!!! For more questions, contact me. I will be sure to help with any questions!


Asha B.

I love Biology and Science! Everyone should!

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