Paul' s online math notes

Greetings, scholars!

The first step to success in any endeavor is having the right tools. Keeping tools organized and handy is equally important, but the overwhelming amount of information in most classes causes even the most powerful tools to get lost in the cluttered garage of facts, formulas, and applications.

What we need as mathematical scholars is a neat, uncluttered toolbox where key formulas are organized and kept close at hand. Luckily, Paul' s Online Math Notes provides just that! Here is a link:

The "cheat sheets" on the website below are invaluable resources. I recommend printing them out for quick reference as you practice working problems. You can also use them to make flash cards and commit important formulas to memory. You may find these notes so helpful that you no longer need assistance.

If you find that you still want one- on- one instruction, I am accepting new students and will be glad to help.

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