Just getting started

Hello everyone!

I have been a tutor with WyzAnt for less than a week. I understand that securing that first tutoring job is often the hardest one. I understand the worries of the parents when it comes to hiring a tutor that has no experience and very little background versus the plethora of others that have experience and proven success with students. I am hoping that soon parents or a potential student will give me a try, however, and find out just what a wonderful, caring, and patient tutor I am. I take immense joy in teaching a concept to a struggling student and watching the light bulb come on when they finally understand the concept. I have experience with teaching other students as well as experience with various teaching methods by paying attention to what the teachers were doing while I was going through school. I just need that one student to help get me off the ground and my bank of knowledge will be open for students to explore. Hoping to secure my first tutoring opportunity soon.



Shawn S.

Patient, effective tutor for all things algebra and below

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