VAK styles

I have a Masters in Instructional Technology Management. This major addresses the VAK styles. We believe that creating hybrid learning is a good way of addressing auditory, visual and kinestheic learners. Our key word for this is edutainment. Using the ADDIE and Kirkpatrick models help to develop learning materials that address the learners' needs because of anaylzing whether the learner is auditory, visual or kinesthetic. We incorporate whatever materials will help create self-directed learning where the user understands the objectives, the lesson is geared to those objectives and evaluation is testing for feedback. My goal with WyzAnt is to provide an hybrid environment that uses tools that will allow the learner to interact with the material that is being presented in the lesson. I will provide e-learning modules that provide interactivities and testing that can be done online in addition to traditional teaching methods.


Mavis P.

Adjunct College Professor in Computer Technologies

10+ hours
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