Journey to Learning Study Skills Successfully

The journey to study skills must be interdependent in order to be successful. First step is to know your own likes and dislikes about the who, what, where, when, how and why related to your attitude toward the subject, studying, and your own success. It is very difficult for anyone to just pick a subject that you have little interest in and have a positive learning experience that you can apply what you study successfully. Memorizing is not always a successful key to learning but can be one of the steps to remembering- as long as you connect it to something that you will use often. For example, if I must learn something for work or school, let's say new subject such as team work but I do not really know the in's and out's of that subject area.

Then I might consider talking with someone or finding something that is a known trusted resource.Trusted resources can be human, book form, thoughts, yesterday's projects and even brainstorming on your own. For this blog posting, I have chosen brainstorming about how to successfully memorize something from a trusted resource, that will stay with me for a very long time- not just until I take a test. Let's say our first trusted resource is Webster's Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Dictionary Copyright 2005 V. Nichols and Distributed by Allied Publishing. In this Webster's English dictionary it states " The mental function and capacity of recalling or recognizing something that has been previously learned or experienced." That Webster's definition gives us our goal plan to study successfully by using our mind's recall and recognizing something we have already learned or experienced. So let's brainstorm on how to have good memory for studying . First, make sure you are rested and in a safe quiet space of your own so that you can recall what you have learned or experienced about your memory that worked in the past for you.

Let's say you have a quiet part in your home, library, or even your yard in nice weather that has a place to think, write, and figure out how you want to set up your memorizing to increase your study skills. Okay, so then write down or record your voice as you express what about the way you memorize worked in the past on tests, new ideas, work requirements that you consider successful. Next, trust yourself and your ability to find your favorite ways of memorizing, studying, and coming up with ways to recall and /or recognizing what you have previously learned and experienced in your life about study skills.

One way to recall is to write them down, make a verse, a sentence, a song out of what it is you want to remember that helps you add new information on a particular subject. Example might be to sing what it is you are studying such as," I am successful at studying new words because I connect them with something I love to sing from the past. Maybe your subject area to memorize is "teamwork" so think about and write down when you enjoyed a teamwork song such as holidays, birthdays, sports events, choir, and favorite singer.

When you practice memorization of new words, new ideas, and even new things to do always connect them with things that you already know. That recall will be a clue as to what you need to know now. It is always helpful to use the five Wh's and picture the answers of those to something you like to sing, like to do, it can even be a favorite pet or food. Alright, now Who?: name someone you know who is great at memorization, What? Name what to do to be able to recall it and connect it with a picture of it in your mind. Where: and When will you be when you use these study skills of memorizing. How: How will you plan to do this memorizing. Why? Why do you want to recall and remember new ideas a) keep your job b) get good grades c) get a promotion/raise d) feel proud about yourself. Now go for your new journey to learning study skills successfully.


Ann Marie B.

Applied Learning Tutor For All Ages

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