Finding The 'Lightbulb Moment'

Hello & Welcome to my WyzAnt blog!

I am very excited about the opportunity to help your child learn and grow! Growing up I always enjoyed schoolwork and learning (well, maybe not always, but overall!). The classroom was a place where I felt comfortable and confident. During and after college I have worked as a substitute teacher and teaching assistant where I have learned that this is not the case for many students--especially if a student has difficulty with or dislikes a subject. My goal as a tutor is to help students gain an understanding and an appreciation for a subject by tailoring our sessions to make the subject as relevant to the student as possible! I believe discovering a student's learning style and applying that to their lessons is key to enhancing their comprehension of material. I like to use a variety of approaches to help students find what I call the 'lightbulb moment'! The 'lightbulb moment' is that beautiful moment of clarity where a student finally understands something so well he/she can teach it back to you! Your auditory learner may never take anything away from mindlessly reading a textbook, but breaking down the subject out loud and using music, rhythms, and words could be their ticket to making sense of Human Anatomy. Likewise your visual learner may find verbal repetition boring and useless, but associating words/phrases/concepts with physical objects/pictures/surroundings may relieve his/her frustrations with Spanish. Given the chance to help your student succeed I will do my best to ensure a learning environment shaped to meet their needs and goals! If you are seeking help with Basic Math, Algebra, Human Anatomy, or Spanish please feel free to contact me!


Deenene C.

Spanish & Science Specialist and Algebra Aficionado

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