Ice and Water


My 7 year old grandson just received a chemistry set (Guess who gave it to him.)

A week later he posed the following question:

A gallon of ice at 10 F and gallon of water at 50 F are mixed together. What is the final temperature of the mixture?

This is not a trivial question and in fact involves at least 3 basic principles of thermodynamics. Personally I have never seen this type of question on any exam, quiz, homework problem set or college prep exam.

Can you determine the answer? Good Luck!

PS Assume the ice and water are in perfectly insulated containers before and after mixing. (Without this assumption the problem is REALLY messy.)

Comments is a hint about the 3 principles:
#1 Heat flows from HOT to COLD.
#3 Heat capacity of the materials and their states is important.
#4 Heat of Fusion is important.
Have at it! B

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