Learning tools

I've learned from various professors of History and Political science how to learn properly in today's world. What does that mean? It means that with today's technology at our fingertips, literally, on our phones and laptops, we need to learn how to use these things to our advantage. There are hundreds of apps for phones to use to help study capitals ( I actually enjoy using them, and so do my friends who do not necessarily like history) as well as various other topics such as American Presidents and such. They aren't as boring as reading a textbook and it's not something extra that needs to be carried around since they are on your phone already! Also, students need to learn proper techniques for using the internet. You would think that some of this stuff is common knowledge but younger students honestly don't know these things. When they aren't sure about an event in history and it's details, they should use google to clarify and understand better. However, when they use google they must know what to look for to find a factual site. They should look for websites ending in .EDU, .GOV, and sometimes .ORG. It's also best to compare more than one website to make sure that there isn't any bias or incorrect information. That's all on my few tips for studying, at least for now. If there are any questions I would be more than happy to help.


Sara C.

All History topics as well as American Government studies

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