The possiblity of our existence

To study probability is to study how many possibilities exists in a certain space and what is the likelihood of each possibility. Whether you realize it or not we all calculate probability for small things, big things, and everything in between to make sense of our days and our lives. Example: you are going about your day when all of a sudden the ground starts to shake and tremble, and move erratically. Buildings start vibrating, the land shifts, and you realize you are experiencing an earthquake. Now you may think to yourself what is the chances of that happening? But probability shows us using certain types of probability density functions (special models and equations), mathematics shows that an earthquake was bound to happen under a certain period of time, taking into account many variables, such as location, time interval from last earthquake, rate at which plate tectonics are moving, and so on.

What I am trying to get at is that probability shows us how likely things occur without us (humans) being (there or here or anywhere), sans humans allows us to properly analyze probability functions and the essence of probability. Now, taking humans into account, for all the things we say, do, and exist takes many more variables into the problems. Lets go back to the example of being in a hypothetical earthquake. If you were a local resident of where the earthquake was occurring then the probability of you experiencing it would be nearly 100% since you live there, whereas if you were just passing through because you were on vacation then the probability of that occurring to you would be drastically (possibly exponentially) less. And taking into account extra random independent variables, such as distance from where you came from, length of stay passing through, and many more just to name a few, greatly affects the probability of you experiencing that same earthquake.

Taking into account all of these things you can start to see that our world has some order because we can make sense of many things (occurring and not occurring, existing and not existing) using math (and science) but we see there is still infinite amounts of randomness and possibilities in each of our lives, thus making predicting the future (for everything that will happen, it is still possible to do so but only for things that involve inductive/deductive proofs, and mathematical equations) realistically impossible.

I'm trying to lead into the microscopic scale, but am doing a poor job of doing so. So, we have all heard of atoms and how they are the 'smallest' building block that makes up everything in our universe. And I'm sure many of us are familiar with electrons and protons, but until the 1970's many scientist believed that we could not break matter down any smaller than that...well for those scientists that thought that, they were now apparently wrong. We have insanely small particles that compose electrons and protons and even smaller ones that compose those. Enter string theory, m-theory, and all the predecessors and descendents of such mind blowing proportions. Applying just elementary probability to these 'newly' found ultra microscopic particles and the possibility of us, or even life existing TENDS TOWARDS ZERO!! Because of all the possibles that these particles can take and morph, the probability of us coming into existence as humans is in itself a mind blowing realization. Anyways, I'm ending my little blog on an abrupt note.

Anyways if you manage to read this far into this blog, thank you very much, this is my first blog ever and am not quite educated into the field of blogging.


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