Hello and Konnichiwa!

Hello, everyone! My name is Clara. To tell you a bit about myself, I am Korean American. In college I discovered the wonderful world of Japanese culture and literature, so I made it my goal to become fluent in Japanese. It has been more than ten years since (time passes fast) but I have lived in Tokyo for more than 8 years, and worked in the banking industry as a translator for over 7 years. Currently, I continue to do translation work at a major Japanese bank branch in the downtown Chicago area. At the same time I am planning to change careers to secondary education, so I go to graduate school classes at night. For those of you looking for tutors, whether you be a complete beginner or advanced level, I want to work with you to make sure your goals come true. Do you plan to go to Japan? Or want to be able to speak it fluently? In accordance with your wishes I will create/plan/change lessons, so please feel free to tell me anything.



Clara C.

Japanese Tutor

50+ hours
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