Keep the Music Going

1. Musicians all know the first rule of success is to practice every day. The first days of school should be no exception. Don't think of it as another chore or homework assignment. If you see it as an opportunity to relax and be creative, it can provide a refreshing break from more syllogistic subjects. Musical expression gets its impetus from unique parts of the brain, not to mention certain muscles that may not be getting used much during the daily academic routine. Don't forget, daily practice has a cumulative effect. By the end of the week, you will have accomplished something you can be proud of, and you will have conditioned your memory to accept larger bites at one time.

2. Be on the lookout for performance opportunities. The early bird gets the worm when it comes to snagging slots at assemblies, dance classes, theater projects, choral rehearsals, or even solo recitals. This is the ideal time to let people know you can play at their event, party, fashion show - whatever.

3. Learning by listening is a good idea. Ask your friends what they are listening to, and share your favorites. The first weeks of school are targeted by some record companies to take advantage of the wave created by the sudden increase in sharing and buying. And a lot of young artists have new material that has been brewing all summer that is ready for release. And don't leave out your favorite classical, jazz, and other markets when you are picking new things to listen to.


Clovis B.

Classical, Jazz and Gospel Piano, Flute, Vocal Coaching

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