Keeping your students active during reading time


Did you ever notice that if you ask students to read out loud—especially in foreign language—some of them tend to space off or loose attention?

There are couple of ways to tackle that:
1. If you have a small group (6-7 kids) try to split them up into smaller reading stations, like 2-3 in each one.
2. Make sure they are following the words by pointing at them with a pencil, that way they can keep track in regards to where each one is (and especially you, the teacher).
3. Rather then creating a reading pattern, such as "Danny, then Jill and then Ben"—don't tell them who's going to read up next. Instead, pick up a new student each time. That way they'll have to stay active and anticipate their turn.
4. Ask the students IN THE SMALL GROUP to help each other and show the one who's falling behind/spacing out where they are all supposed to be. That way you know if everyone is on the right track.
5. The teacher reads out loud and asks the students to CATCH HIM making a mistake—again, a way to keep them more engaged during the practice.

Enjoy and have fun!



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