Planning your sessions: a guideline

The following questions may be helpful in guiding lesson planning:

1. Who are my students?

2. What do I know of their age, this time, this place? (What is the context?)

3. What are my aims? (Overarching educational goals – long range goals)

4. What do I want students to understand? (key ideas that you want the students to grasp)

5. How will students demonstrate what they have learned? (actions in which students show what they have learned – students will be able to explain meaning of ...).

6. What materials will I need?

7. What methods are appropriate to this lesson?

8. What are the key questions that I will employ?

9. What kinds of challenges may I anticipate?

10. For which problems may I willingly set aside my lesson plan?

11. At which points will I summarize the material?

12. How am I appealing to different kinds of senses (hearing, seeing, touching) and various kinds of intelligence and learning styles?

13. Am I appealing to my students’ need for physical movement?

14. Am I ensuring that every student is an active participant? (active listening is also participating!)

15. What am I uncovering rather than covering?

16. What kinds of assessment are appropriate for this concept? (activities in which students can show what they have learned)

17. How will it relate to students’ lives?

18. In addition, you must find ways to relate the material to questions or needs that are felt by the group.


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